How to check NetSpend balance

For users of banking services, checking balances is a routine activity. Currently, doing a balance check is no longer necessary to visit the physical branch of the banking service provider. With advances in technology, you just use your mobile device to check balances, whether using internet banking, mobile banking or SMS banking.

As one of the leading prepaid debit card providers, NetSpend provides a variety of options to check the balance of its users. You can login to NetSpend Online Account Center and check your balance; you can also use mobile app provided by NetSpend and check your balance.

In addition to the above methods, NetSpend also provides a facility called Anytime Alerts is a text messaging system that allows you to know information about your NetSpend account, including the amount of balance in your card. To check your NetSpend balance, you just type ‘BAL’ and send it to NetSpend number; then your balance amount will be received.

There is one more method, but we do not recommend it because it is charged. The trick is to call NetSpend customer service; you will be charged $ 0.5 per call.

A few articles on how to check NetSpend balance, hopefully, this article can help you.

For more information about check balances, please contact NetSpend customer service or visit their official website

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