How to know NetSpend Routing Number

For you NetSpend prepaid debit card users you can add your money in various ways, starting from Direct Deposit, visiting a retail location, direct transfer – bank transfer or Paypal. Adding money with Direct Deposit can save your time and money, Direct Deposit makes paycheck or government benefits check directly deposited into your account. How to set up Direct Deposit is very easy, just like any other traditional bank you need to know is to know Netspend Card Account number and routing number.

For those of you who are not aware of the Routing Number of your NetSpend card, you can do these various ways to find out. The first way is to log into the NetSpend Online Account Center, in the main menu, choose Direct Deposit; it will show what information is needed to register Direct Deposit. The second way is to use the Anytime Alerts facility (if you have not registered yet, please register first), just type ‘DIRECT’ and send it to the NetSpend 22622 number, you will receive your routing number.

The last way is to call 1-866-387-7363 toll free customer service, select Other Services and you will get information to register Direct Deposit.

Apart from paycheck and government benefits, this type of funds that can be received by Direct Deposits facilities includes pension funds, veterans’ benefits, tax refund, and many others. If the funds you deposit using the direct deposit facility into your NetSpend card $ 500 or more per month, you can have the opportunity to upgraded your card into NetSpend Premier.

A few articles about routing number NetSpend, hopefully with this article you can help. If you would like to know more about Direct Deposit, especially for routing numbers, you can visit NetSpend’s official website or contact their customer service. Thank you.

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