Netspend number to check balance

In the previous article, we discussed how to check NetSpend balance, in this article we will discuss NetSpend phone number to check the balance. As we explained in the previous article, there are various ways to check the balance of your NetSpend card. There are two types, free and paid. The easiest and free way is to go to NetSpend Online Account Center, there you can see your balance, besides you can also see the history of your transaction. Another free way is to use the Anytime Alerts feature; you need to remember, that this feature requires a sign-up process, by signing into the Online Account Center. After you successfully sign up, then type ‘BAL’ and send to NetSpend number to check the balance is 22622, and you will receive your balance information.

In addition to checking the balance, Anytime Alert feature can also check the location of the nearest reload by typing ‘RELOAD’ or five digit zip code, you can also find out recent transactions by typing ‘LAST.’ besides you can also find out the routing number and card account number with Just type ‘DIRECT,’ if still confused by using Anytime Alerts, you can type ‘HELP.’

How to check a non-free balance is to call NetSpend customer service at a NetSpend number to check balance 1-866-387-7363, you will be charged $ 0.5 per call.

With the convenience provided by NetSpend to check balances, you can easily track every penny of your money. To find out information about checking balances, you can visit NetSpend’s official website.

A few articles from us hopefully, can help you in understanding about the features offered by NetSpend. Thanks.

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