NetSpend Plans That You Can Choose

In this article, we will discuss the NetSpend plan, outline the available plan amounted to 3, but one of the plans has conditions that you must meet to get it. Therefore, we will discuss these three plans.

NetSpend has three choices of plans to choose from. The first plan is pay-as-you-go a plan that has no monthly fee, but every time we make a purchase transaction we will be charged $ 1.0 each. The second plan is FeeAdvantage, a plan that has a monthly fee of $ 9.95. The third plan is the FeeAdvantage Premier, a plan that has a monthly fee of $ 5.0 but has a requirement to become the owner of this card.

For more details about the basic fee comparison of each plan, we present it in the table below.

Plan Monthly Fee Purchase Transaction Fee
Pay-as-you-go No Fee $1.0 per Purchase
FeeAdvantage $9.95 No Fee
FeeAdvantage Premier $5.0 No Fee

The table shows that a suitable package for those of you who often do shopping is the FeeAdvantage Premier plan. Terms of getting this card are at least you make a direct deposit of at least $ 500 per month. As for those of you who are not active in shopping, we suggest choosing pay-as-you-go plan, because you will not be charged a monthly fee.

The plans provided by NetSpend make it easy for you to customize your needs. But keep in mind, that NetSpend does not have a free ATM network, so every time you make a cash withdrawal, you will be charged high enough. The solution of this problem, you can use the cash back method, and you can avoid cash withdrawal costs.

We hope, after you read this article, you can decide which plan suits you. For more information about NetSpend Plans, you can visit their official website, or you can also call by Netspend customer service phone at 1-866-387-7363. Thanks.

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